Electrolyte Panel

Electrolyte Panel CPT: 80051

Test Includes

Carbon dioxide; chloride; potassium; sodium

Expected Turnaround Time

Within 1 day

Specimen Requirements




2 mL

Minimum Volume

0.8 mL


Gel-barrier tube (send entire tube) preferred. Red-top tube or green-top (heparin) tube is acceptable if centrifuged within 45 minutes and the serum or plasma is removed and placed in a tightly-stoppered secondary tube.


Separate serum or plasma from cells within 45 minutes of collection; avoid hemolysis.

Storage Instructions

Room temperature

Stability Requirements

Temperature Period
Room Temperature 14 days
Refrigerated 14 days
Frozen 14 days
Freeze/thaw/ cycles Stable x 3

Patient Information

To detect a problem with your body’s electrolyte balance.

As part of routine health screening or when your healthcare practitioner suspects that you have an imbalance of one of the electrolytes (usually sodium or potassium) or an acid-base imbalance.

A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm.

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