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Southwest Labs offers blood laboratory testing for patients, providers, and corporations. We offer testing solutions for diabetes monitoring, prostate health, sexual health, allergy profiles, infectious diseases, men’s wellness, women’s wellness, and metabolic testing. Explore our blood test menu and experience the Southwest difference today.

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We offer a robust testing menu including AMA panels, men’s and women’s health, general chemistry, thyroid, hematology, and more. If you do not find a test you are looking for contact us at 505.609.LABS. 

BLOOD Testing By SWL

Southwest Labs offers blood testing for diabetes monitoring, prostate health, sexual health, allergy, infectious diseases, men’s & women’s wellness, metabolic testing, and more. Continuously innovating and redefining the testing experience, Southwest Labs aims to empower you.

Empowering YOU

Data-driven historical results that can be used to track your progress. Easily accessible test results that can be accessed on any device. Secure industry-leading inscription ensures your personal health data is private. Need to schedule a follow up with a doctor or need help understanding your test results? We have a solution for that. Using the Spruce App patients can easily schedule FaceTime interpretations with a board-certified medical doctor.


During venipuncture, the phlebotomist inserts a needle through your skin into a vein. The amount of blood needed for the test is withdrawn through the needle into a special tube or tubes. The tubes are sent to a laboratory, where the blood is analyzed as the healthcare practitioner has ordered. Most often, the phlebotomist is able to identify a vein in the crook of your elbow that will be easily accessible and then applies a tourniquet above the site to make the vein more apparent. (The elbow area does not have many nerves so this is a good site; the wrist, hand and foot are other sites that can be used.) Making a fist when you are asked to helps make the vein more prominent. The procedure usually takes less than three minutes. Afterward, the patient is usually asked to apply gentle pressure over a clean dressing to help the blood clot and prevent swelling and a hematoma (a black and blue mark where blood has pooled).

When the needle is inserted under the skin, you might feel a slight sting, and there may be additional discomfort when it is withdrawn. If you are accompanying a child or an anxious patient, it helps to explain that he or she will feel momentary pain or discomfort. Don’t say, “This won’t hurt a bit,” because the patient will then have reason to mistrust the people and situation when it does sting. Be honest, create a reasonable expectation, and you will really help the patient.

Being well-hydrated helps blood flow better and makes the veins more likely to raise up and be found easily, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids a day or two before your test. But, also remember to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions—some tests require that you not drink certain liquids prior to the test. You may also want to take a walk while waiting or on your way to the test, which raises blood pressure and can make veins more prominent (routinely doing hand and arm exercises also help those requiring frequent testing). Eating well the day before, if fasting is not required, also can improve blood flow.

Talk about or recall something pleasant while you wait to take your mind off your anxiety; you can also bring reading material or music with you.

If you are nervous or have a tendency to feel woozy or faint, tell the phlebotomist before you begin. Your blood can be drawn while you are lying down, which will help you avoid fainting and injuring yourself. If, at any time, you feel faint or lightheaded, tell the phlebotomist or someone nearby. Putting your head between your knees or lying down should make you feel better soon.

You will need to fast for at least 12 hours before for the following tests:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel
  • Calcium
  • Glucose
  • GGT
  • FSH
  • LH
  • Homocysteine

A Southwest Labs phlebotomist will send you notifications prior to testing to ensure a successful testing protocol.