Allergy Environmental

Allergy Environmental


This group of tests provides an overall assessment of an individuals allergy profile. This test includes 25 allergens from region 10 which is specific to the Southwest.

Environmental allergies happen when the body’s immune system is distressed by an environmental substance, such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, or mold. The immune system often identifies these substances as dangerous even though they are not, and tries to protect itself by producing chemicals that can cause allergy symptoms.


Test Includes:

  • Immunoglobulin E (IgE), S
  • House Dust Mites/D.P., IgE
  • House Dust Mites/D.F., IgE
  • Cat Epithelium, IgE
  • Dog Dander, IgE
  • Bermuda Grass, IgE
  • Timothy Grass, IgE
  • Cockroach, IgE
  • Penicillium, IgE
  • Cladosporium, IgE
  • Aspergillus Fumigatus, IgE
  • Alternaria Tenuis, IgE
  • Box Eld/Maple, S, IgE
  • Silver Birch, IgE
  • Mountain Cedar, IgE
  • Oak, IgE
  • Elm, IgE
  • Cottonwood, IgE
  • White Ash, IgE
  • Pecan Hickory, IgE
  • Mulberry, IgE
  • Short Ragweed, IgE
  • Rough Pigweed, IgE
  • Rough Marsh Elder, IgE
  • Red Sorrel, IgE
  • Nettle, IgE

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