Men’s Hormone Panel


The Men’s Hormone Panel provides information on the amount of essential hormones present in a male patient, which are crucial in supporting the health and wellness of an individual. The panel can be used as an initial screening of a patient’s hormone status, and also as a method of determining the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapies currently being applied to a male patient. In addition, the panel include a workup of the general health of an individual in order to assess their overall health status.



  • Lipid Panel
  • A1C, Hemoglobin
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Iron
  • TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)
  • Thyroid- T3 Free
  • T3 Total
  • T4 Free
  • T4 Total
  • TSH, 3rd Gen
  • Testosterone Total
  • SHBG
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D 25-OH
  • PSA Total

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