Southwest Labs now offers a Sexually Transmitted Infection panel with rapid turnaround times. Click here to learn more.

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What is Southwest Labs?

Southwest Labs is your locally owned and operated reference medical laboratory. We are dedicated to servicing the medical providers and patients of New Mexico. Southwest Labs was founded in 2015 and, since opening, we have devoted ourselves to community involvement, charitable contribution, and serving as a high-fidelity alternative to the local and national mega-labs that tend to fall short on customer service and provider satisfaction.

Our Core Services

Clinical lab testing redefined. Southwest Labs strives to provide more value to its network of providers and healthcare organizations. Explore some of our core services.

Toxicology Testing

Southwest Labs offers a large test menu of 82+ analytes, color coded 1-page provider friendly test reports, courier services, EMR integrations, and the fastest turnaround times in the nation.

Infectious Disease Testing

Southwest Labs PCR testing identifies what culture misses, particularly fastidious organisms – the pathogens that are especially difficult, if not impossible, to culture.

Clinical Compliance

Southwest Labs can help streamline your practice today. Get access to consistency reports, controlled substance guidelines, clinical tips & best practices, and more.

Laboratory Consulting

Southwest Labs can help you  launch a new lab, we help get you started through our lab Startup, CLIA Licensure, Staffing, Equipment Sales, and Lab Design solutions.

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Our mission

Southwest Labs is dedicated to providing laboratory services of the highest possible quality alongside outstanding customer service for the benefit of the organizations and individuals we serve. Southwest Labs aims to constantly grow and streamline its services to align with the needs of providers, clinics, and other healthcare organizations throughout the southwest. 

What makes us different?

Utilizing industry-leading instrumentation and committing ourselves to unsurpassed laboratory integrity, we have quickly differentiated ourselves as a local laboratory of the highest quality – offering comprehensive and reliable analysis with personable, professional service.

Forward thinking

Never settling with where we are or what we do. We are always continuing to improve and expand our clinical service offerings for our network of providers and health care organizations. 

Our history


Started laboratory distribution service


First laboratory management set-up


First toxicology reference lab set-up


Grand opening of Southwest Labs (first location)


Laboratory expansion, and renovation. New lab headquartered at 4261 Balloon Park Rd, NE.


Southwest Labs offers clinical blood testing


COVID-19 Pandemic begins Southwest Labs offers COVID-19 testing services to providers and community.


Southwest Labs adds Infectious Disease testing to clinical service portfolio.

Got questions? Well, we got answers.

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Where is Southwest Labs located?

Our main laboratory is based out of Albuquerque, NM. Our address is 4261 Balloon Park Rd, NE. 

What services does Southwest Labs offer?

Southwest Labs is a full-reference laboratory specializing in toxicology, infectious disease testing, clinical compliance, and laboratory set up and consulting. 

How is Southwest Labs different from other labs?

Southwest Labs is a high-fidelity alternative to the local and national mega-labs that tend to fall short on customer service and provider satisfaction. Our innovative testing options, reporting, customer service, and commitment to serve our community sets us apart from other labs. 

Does Southwest Labs offer medication monitoring?

Yes. Though prescription drugs may seem less harmful than illicit substances, they can be just as dangerous if used improperly. Southwest Labs offers urine drug screening, and oral drug screening. Getting started is easy, contact us today.

Does Southwest Labs still offer COVID-19 testing?

Yes. We offer COVID-19 testing. These tests can be ordered from our infectious disease panels. For more information please refer to our Infectious Disease testing services.

Do you still offer walk-in testing?

No. Unfortunately we no longer offer Direct-To-Consumer testing.

Can I schedule an appointment for testing?

No. Unfortunately all testing has to be ordered, and collected by your physician or healthcare provider. Southwest Labs only processes specimens, and lab results are sent to the ordering provider.