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Southwest Labs is your local clinical Infectious Disease laboratory

PCR detects what culture misses. Stop waiting for labs to culture fastidious and slow growth pathogens, and get the answers you need. Southwest Labs sets the pace for industry-leading infectious disease laboratory operations through unparalleled turnaround time, yielding insights that mobilize accurate clinical decisions.

Why partner with Southwest Labs?

 Eliminate broad spectrum treatments and get a more targeted approach to treating infectious diseases.

Accurate Results, You can Count On

Our technological advances in PCR testing improves patient care with rapid results leading to improved clinical treatment times. Eliminate broad spectrum treatments. 

Antibiotic Stewardship

We support antibiotic stewardship by reducing over utilization of broad-spectrum antibiotics, providing guidance that reduces unnecessary drug exposure and cost of repeat testing.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Southwest Labs is addressing the antibiotic resistance public health crisis through developing advancements in PCR technology and implementing innovative solutions for our clients.

Syndromic Test Menu

Explore our syndromic test menu including ophthalmology, wound, genital ulcer, Genito/STI, UTI, Gastrointestinal infections, monkeypox, and more

Rapid Turnaround Times

Southwest Labs is committed to delivering your test results quickly. Our local advantage ensures you are able to get results within 48-72 hours.

Provider Resources

Through our Provider Portal, clinicians are able to access our clinical reference guide, view test menus, order tests, check results and more.

How Southwest Labs PCR compares to traditional culture

Southwest Labs PCR

Traditional Culture

*From laboratory receipt of completed requisition and specimen.

Provider Friendly Test Reports

Southwest Labs test report is designed with the provider in mind. Our test report is easy to read because it provides physicians with all the clinical information they need, at a glance.

Patient & Specimen Info

Contains all patient information you need at a glance including: Facility, patient, and specimen information. With our simplified test report providers and quickly identify patient and specimen formation at a glance. 

Report Summary

Identify what pathogens are detected or not detected, copies/mL (approximate copies of target nucleic acid per mL, low, moderate, and high). Our simplified reporting helps providers get the answer they need fast. 

Personalized Antibiogram

Our patient-specific Antibiogram offers physicians a wide selection of microbe-specific antibiotics, maximizing the opportunity to choose a non-broad-spectrum antibiotic. Make the right diagnosis at the right time.

Syndromic Test Menu

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Step 3: Send Samples

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