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Southwest Labs is your local clinical toxicology laboratory

Southwest Labs offers a large test menu of 82+ analytes, color coded 1-page test results, courier services, EMR integrations, and the fastest turnaround times in the nation. We also are a leader in prescription drug screenings, employee drug screenings, and oral fluid screenings. 

Why partner with Southwest Labs?

Clinical lab testing redefined. Southwest Labs specializes in Toxicology & Infectious Disease testing services.

Accurate Results, You can Count On

LC-MS/MS is an exceedingly sensitive and specific analytical technique that can precisely determine the identities and concentration of compounds within samples.

Pricing & Billing Transparency

We offer pricing and billing transparency as we believe honesty and integrity are fundamental values when selecting a clinical laboratory partner, our on-site billing team is ready to answer your questions.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Your time is important, which is why Southwest Labs is committed to delivering your test results quickly. Our local advantage ensures you are able to get results within 24-72 hours.

Large Test Menu

Test commonly abused medications, alcohol, amphetamines, antidepressants, illicit compounds, opiates & opioid analogs, and more.

Clinical & Field Support

Southwest Labs is committed to your success. Get access to our team of experts to help interpret test results and dedicated field support to propel your practice.

Provider Resources

Through our Provider Portal, clinicians are able to access our clinical reference guide, view test menus, order tests, check results and more.

More Value For Providers

Utilizing industry-leading instrumentation and committing ourselves to unsurpassed laboratory integrity, we have quickly differentiated ourselves as a local laboratory of the highest quality-offering comprehensive and reliable analysis with personable, professional service.

Your Clinical Lab Partner

Healthcare providers have trusted Southwest Labs for clinical drug monitoring for years. Our reputation in clinical laboratory diagnostics is built on an unparalleled commitment to service, coupled with our industry-leading, comprehensive testing menu. We offer a broad toxicology test menu, including prescription drug medications, other controlled medications, and illicit drugs for both urine and oral fluid samples.

Provider-Friendly Results

Southwest Labs test report is designed with the provider in mind. Our test report is easy to read because it provides physicians with all the clinical information they need, at a glance.

Unparalleled Provider Support

Always striving to provide more value to our network of physicians, and health care organizations. Southwest Labs offers specimen collectors, EMR Integrations, Protocol assistance, Specimen Integrity in event of medical legal situation, Quick sample trials.

1-Page Provider Friendly Test Results

Southwest Labs test report is designed with the provider in mind. Our test report is easy to read because it provides physicians with all the clinical information they need, at a glance.

Patient & Specimen Info

Contains all patient information you need at a glance including: name, patient #, ordering provider, MRN, DOB, Gender, collection date & time, date & time received in lab.

Prescribed Medications

Easily identify prescribed medications. All prescribed medications are denoted by Rx followed by medication name e.g. Rx Oxycodone, Rx Aripiprazole

Historical Results

With Southwest Labs  you can review your patients last 6 test results. We make it easy to find the information you need so you can spend more time with your patients.

Color Coded Results

Green consistent results: parent drug and/or its metabolite was detected in patient urine sample.

Yellow inconsistent results: with the prescribed medication.

Red inconsistent results illicit: or non-prescribed medications were detected.

Specimen Validity Testing

Creatinine: Identifies dilution by drinking excessive water.

General Oxidant: Identifies adulterating using oxidizing agents such as bleach.

pH Detect: acid-base status of urine.

Specific Gravity: concentration of solutes in urine.

Drug Detection Windows

Know when your prescribed medications are able to be detected. Help establish regulator compliance for regulated and commonly abused prescriptions. A positive result on a drug test tells the clinician that the patient had a detectable amount of a substance present during a certain window of time.

Start Sending Samples Today

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Fill out our quick New Account Form, which collects basic practice, sample, logistics, and provider information.

Step 2: Portal Logins

Portal logins will be created for your practice, along with any authorized users denoted in the New Account Form.

Step 3: Send Samples

Your account specialist will set you up with requisition forms, collection supplies, and schedule training. 

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